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Every house has a foundation underneath its structure that helps to distribute the total weight of the house evenly. When the foundation can no longer support the weight of the house, it will begin to expose damaging signs of cracked brick walls, stuck windows and doors, and wall bowing. Because foundation failure can depend on many varying factors such as soil characteristics, soil moisture levels, and foundation type, every foundation repair situation will be different. This is why at James Bond Complete Foundation Repair, our Dallas foundation repair plans are carefully customized to meet the individual needs of every client.

A structural foundation repair plan may include, but is not limited to:

  • Foundation repair
  • Site drainage
  • Retaining walls

The best part of all? All of our repair jobs are backed with our lifetime transferable warranty. When you’re ready to create the best possible repair plan for all of your home’s structural foundation needs, contact us at (214) 621-8771.

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