Interior Piers: Lift and Support

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Do you notice cracks on your floors or gaping between your walls and ceiling? If so, these could be red flags indicating that your home is sinking or shifting, and you may need to have interior piers installed as soon as possible. Interior piers are strong pillars that are put in underground, beneath the structure and foundation of a home. Our team of experts at James Bond Complete Foundation Repair can help you determine if interior piers are the right solution for your foundation problem.

The main benefits of interior piers include:

  • Lift: helps push up a home’s sinking structure and foundation so that it is at ground-level again
  • Support: helps a home’s structure and foundation stay leveled once it has been raised back up

You can depend on us to provide a professional job for all of your structure leveling and foundation repairing needs. We can further discuss other warning signs of foundation settling, and assess if interior piers are the best possible solution for your foundation issues. Don’t forget to also request your free estimate from us!

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